Sunday, July 1, 2007


Yesterday was a TNT training day out at Stoney. The weather was perfect once again. I did 9.66 miles in 1 hour 51 minutes...I was pretty disappointed in my time but....I had to stop at the nature center to go pee (discovered yesterday that there's nothing worse than trying to run with a full bladder)....and I stopped two more times at the water stations for a quick drink and a quick legs were feeling really tight yesterday. And I took one more walk break.

I'm a little concerned about my heart...during the 3rd through 7th mile I was having serious heart's happened before but not for this usually comes a goes quickly. I try to take my pulse and it's very irregular...sometimes beating so fast I can't even count it and then it'll just stop for 2 or 3 seconds before jump starting again. And the whole time I can feel it in my chest. I'm thinking I'll give it one more week....I'm going to try really hard to limit my caffeine intake this week....I'll see how next Saturday goes and if it happens again I'll go see a doc. I'd kinda like to do a long run with a heart monitor on so the doc can see what happens....around mile 3. So....not the best running day....but hey, I ran 9.66 miles! Someone pointed out last night at our party that if my car were to break down at 10 mile I'd be able to run home...LOL!

Me and Traci were discussing last night how great it is that we're doing this with such a great group of friends. I told her how disappointed I'd be right now if I didn't have all of them to discuss this marathon training with. My family is great of course but I can't really talk to them about all this training stuff because they really don't care...I mean, of course they care,....I don't know how to word it but this whole marathon thing is SO exciting to me that I just want to talk about it family doesn't want to hear me go on & on about this so if I didn't have my friends to talk to about this then who would I talk to?....We've all been such a great support for each other...helping each other along and keeping each other motivated. It's a wonderful experience.

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