Thursday, July 12, 2007

I think I need new shoes!

I really think that the majority of my ankle pain is coming from my blue shoes....I started out by buying 2 pairs of running shoes....& I alternate wearing them each suggested by a book a read. But my ankle always hurts worse after a run with these particular blue shoes. AND my knees ache when I'm done. So today, my ankle was really bothering me for the last 1/2 of my run....and I keep thinking that I need orthotics or arch supports or something because the location of the pain makes it feel like my arch is collapsing or then when I finished my run I was stretching my quads and I look at the bottom of my shoe and notice a big bubble support thingy on the lateral side of the sole (like...between the baby toe and outside of the heal) and it says "lateral arch pod".......YEAY! I know that doesn't sound like something I should be getting excited about but I think this pod thing is the whole source of my pain!! I think I bought the wrong kind of shoe!!! Yeay!!!! yeay for 2 reasons.....1) it's an easy fix (I hope)....and 2) I have a good excuse to go out and by ANOTHER pair of shoes...LMAO!....that's my story & I'm stick'n to it!

Anyway, ran 6 miles this 74 minutes....still can't seem to get my pace back but I just don't felt good this morning. I had to take 1 walk break at mile 2....1 potty break at about the 4th mile and then had to stop again before the finish to get the darn pebble out of my shoe. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! And for the 3rd run in a row I had a deer cross right in front of me on the maybe 40 feet away. twice at Stoney and once at dodge park! There were all kinds of critters out today! I felt like I was in the middle of a Bambi movie with the deer, rabbits, butterflies, and sunshine!

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