Saturday, July 7, 2007

I burned 1000 calories today!

Had my TNT long run this morning. It was a toasty one! Did 10 miles in 1 hour 56 minutes.....I ran the 1st 5 with a girl that I had never met until today...Kristina...She pushed me along and the conversation helped pass the time quickly....but then at 5 miles I had to use the restroom...ran off the course to the nature center to use the restroom and the damn restroom was locked....grrrrrrr....lost my running partner for nothing! So then I ran by myself and the rest of the 5 miles was torcher! I took a running goo thingy at 6 miles but by then I think it was too late because by the time I felt any benefit from it...the 10 miles was almost completed. I think I counted 4 or 5 walk breaks in the last 5 miles....2 of them was to use a bathroom (if you want to call it that). ...the 1st one was locked but I eventually found another.... I needed a partner to push me along. So I think I figured out that my pace today was about 11 1/2 minute mile....which translates to....."slow"....and I'm ok with that!.....

No heart palpitations today...cutting back on the caffeine before my runs really I'm adding an electrolyte replacement pack to my water during my runs....don't know if it's helping but it certainly can't be hurting. My legs feel pretty good....hamstrings are tight and sore as is my lower back and right heal was hurting after my run (not during)....but everything else feels really knee or ankle pain today...bonus! The scary thing weekend jumps up to 12 miles...omg!.....which is only less then half of the marathon length....I'll have to do next weeks miles x 2 plus some on marathon day.....THAT is scary!

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