Monday, July 2, 2007

Body is still recovering

I was suppose to go yesterday to do 3 or 4 miles but my body was recovering from Saturday's run and our pre - 4th of July party. I was very sore yesterday (still am). I went out this morning for 3 miles to make up for yesterdays missed run. Damn GPS died again in the middle of my run...grrrrrr.....think I'm gonna have to get a smaller wrist watch timer because the one I have is sucking down the batteries...I'll never make it through the entire marathon with this thing! Felt good walk break!...yeah! No heart palpitations (skipped the morning coffee today....waiting for the withdrawal headache...I know it's coming)! Wore a headband on Saturdays run and it worked wonders keeping the sweat out of the eyes...but I realized that the hat cannot be replaced for keeping the sun out of the now I'll have a hat, a head band, a gps strapped to my wrist, an ipod strung from my waist band to my ears, a water bottle strapped to my waist, a pouch attached to the water bottle strap for storing car keys, goos, clean ex, and cell phone....may as well attach an antenae to my head and bring along a satelite TV! It's amazing how now that I'm doing this I'm finding people everywhere who are training for marathons. There were 2 other people at my Grandma's 80th birthday party yesterday who are also training for marathons.

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