Thursday, June 28, 2007


Gotta share another story that I forgot to mention that happened during last of those stories that I'm adding so I'll have it recorded for my own memories... one of those stories that I just don't want to forget!.....This is SO my Grandma! I called my Grandma from the cabin up north to apologize to her because my daughter accidentally broke a very expensive vase of hers that she received for her 50th wedding anniversary...I felt horrible. But during the conversation I said Hey Grandma I just finished running 8 which she responded in her sincerely concerned voice...." OH Tammy, Be careful, don't over do it.....You'll get diarrhea!"...............................................................................................................................................


........................................................................................................................."yeah....didn't you hear about that girl that was running in the heat in Hawaii and she shit her pants!" I'm still LMAO over this!

fantastic weather today!!

Couldn't have asked for more perfect weather to run in. Got to the park at 7:15 it was 67 and sunny....and no humidity....LOVED IT! Didn't bring my GPS this time because it doesn't work at this particular park and because I really wanted to push myself to run the full 4 miles...didn't want to be staring at my watch every 2 minutes....IT WORKED! Ran 4 straight miles without stopping and it felt fantastic! My only complaint....the damn shorts I wore!! They're new...never wore them before.... and they're too tight around my thighs...they don't stretch....they're way too short....and by the time I finished I had major chub-rub on my upper inner thighs...obviously picked them off the rack with out trying them on!

So I'm revising the "bonus" goal that I wrote in my previous goal is to not only be able to look in the mirror and say "DAMN I look good"....but be able to run in these shorts without getting chub-rub!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

treadmilled it today

On the treadmill again today...did my 3 miles straight through with no walk breaks. It was hard but I did it in 32 minutes + I warmed up with a brisk walk for 5 minutes and cooled down with the same at the I actually did 42 minutes...and 3.4 miles....did some sit ups obliques and push ups too. My video ipod helped get me through the treadmill work this time...watched the rest of the movie Gross Pointe Blank while I ran. -STUPID movie by the way....don't waste your time!

Body's still feeling good. Me and my friends were having a discussion when this training first started and of course we're all committed to our main goal of raising funds for an awesome cause....but....we were discussing the fact that one of our "bonus" goals is to be able to stare at our naked bodies in the mirror and be able to say "DAMN I look good"....and mean it!.....I'm not quite there yet but there's definitely a shift happen''s taking longer than I anticipated but after 7 weeks (I can't believe it's already been 7 weeks) of training I'm just now starting to notice some nice changes....More incentive to keep up the training!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

humidity was brutal

Went to the park for my 5 miles....the miles are really starting to jump up now! I've been doing really good with following the TNT training schedule to a T but I hope I can keep it up when the miles start dramatically increasing. Got to the park at 7:30 thinking I'd beat the heat and humidity...but I didn't.... Did pretty good considering...Ran 5 miles in 54:10. Ran 2.5/walked 1 min./ran 1.25/walked 1 min./ran .75/ walked 1 min/ran to finish. So with my 3 minutes of walking breaks I still finished in under an 11 minute mile. I need to come up with a better way to keep the sweat out of my eyes were burning like hell half way through the 5 miles...the hat just isn't cutting it. May try the sweat bands or a bandanna or something. I think I must have lost 3 pounds of sweat this morning!
Every week our TNT mentor sends us a quote of the week...they're very inspirational and motivating. I'm going to start posting them in my blog each week. I really liked this weeks' quote....
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” - Theodore Roosevelt

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Great Weekend

As Mary (the Ballroom dancing expert judge from the show "So You Think You Can Dance")would say........ "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Today and yesterday were my best runs yet!!!

Was up north for a long and wonderfully fun and relaxing weekend with friends of ours. So I got my 8 mile run in up there on Saturday. I ran 4 miles straights through then stopped to stretch for a minute and then ran 2 more miles straight....then walked 1 min....ran 1.5 more miles....walked 1 min....and ran to the like I said.... "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Can't remember my time but who gives a sh-t I RAN!....Time for my happy dance....(picture me dancing in a circle shaking my ass and twirling my finger in the air)....."I can ruuuu-un....and e-ven breee-eath.....and you can't ca-atch me...ha-ha-ha-ha-----ha!" LMAO! Motrin kept me company though out the afternoon but I woke up this morning feeling remarkably good...calves are still sore but even that seems to be letting up a bit. The hills were brutal but I actually really enjoyed running the hills....just when I thought I couldn't possibly go on any longer I'd find myself at the top of the hill and either a plateau in front of me or the decline of the hill and my muscles were getting the break that they were begging for which gave me a little more umph to continue a while longer. It was great!

Then today (Sunday) after a long drive home I put on my running gear and did my 4 miles....ran the 1st 3 miles straight through then walked 1 minute and then ran the last mile home....did it in 42 minutes 56 seconds....."WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

motrin is my friend

Did my 4 miles at the park this morning...another tough one. Upped the intervals to 1.25 miles. Not sure how long it took me because I accidentally shut my GPS off before I looked. My calves are so damn sore I can barely walk...if I sit for any length of time it takes a good amount of time before I can walk normal again after getting's been like this for the past month...I feel like my calves are forever going to feel this way.... I sent my running coach and mentors an email to find out why. I feel NO pain or fatigue in my quads or hamstrings it's ALL in my calves. During the run and after. I'm stretching them good before and after every run and icing them when I think about it but it's not helping. Everyone else I talk to says that they don't have this problem...they all say they feel it in their upper legs. So I'm starting to think that I'm doing something wrong. I've had a couple different people comment on the size of my calves and I've been noticing that they are in fact getting larger....I'm going to end up looking like Popeye if I don't figure this out!

Leaving tonight for a weekend getaway up north. Looking forward to the rest and relaxation. The roads up there are even hillier than Stoney so Saturday's 8 mile run should be interesting. I'll up date the blog on Monday.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

back to baby step...=(

I keep trying to run the straight miles but it's just not happening. I just did it last Saturday so I KNOW I can do it!! Not sure what the problem is but apparently I underestimated the impact the crowd at the Race for the Cure had on my I was starving the whole time...but I didn't want to eat right before going out to run. Went out today with the intention of running 3 straight miles. Made it 1.5 and had to take my 1 minute walk break....made it 1 more mile and took another walk break. I finished in 34 minutes. I'm still making improvements every day so I'm trying not to get too frustrated.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

HATING the treadmill!

Went to the gym today to get my 4 miles in because after driving all the way out to Stoney it started downpouring....which I wouldn't normally mind but I had to go to the grocery store immediately after. Only had the babysitter until 11 so I was a little crunched for time. I REALLY don't like running on the treadmill. It's soooooooo boring and the time just drags. I did 1 mile run/1 minute walk/1 mile run/1 minute walk/ bathroom break / 2 mile run. Thought I'd be able to run the entire thing...just couldn't do it. Only doing 3 miles tomorrow so I'll try again then.

Looked into running the Crim in Flint but it's on the same day we return from vacation....Aug 25th. year!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

7 miles today!

Now that I've gotten past the breathing hump (it took about 6 weeks) I really feel like this is getting easier! I feel like the improvements and breakthroughs are coming by leaps and bounds now. I'm enjoying running more and more each week. I ran out at Stoney this morning and did the 7 miles doing the 1 mile run / 1 minute walk. Didn't have to cheat even once. Finished in 79 minutes. So now here's my revised plan....I'm going to try to run my short weekday runs straight through without walk breaks and then my long Saturday runs I'll try to increase the intervals each depending on how it goes during this week I may try running 1.5 miles for the intervals....because there's just NO way I'll be able to run 8 straight miles!.....My baby steps are turning into toddler steps...LOL!

K now I have a long winded story to tell if you're not interested in hearing should leave have to explain something or what I say in the end will make you think that I'm coming completely unravelled!

Those who know me well know that I've said for a very long time that I TRULY believe that my life is touched by "Divine intervention"...Strange things have happened to me all my life...Things that continue giving me goose bumps to this day....I believe (and I mean TRULY believe) that I've had a guardian angel sitting on my shoulder my entire life guiding me in the right direction....those who know me also know that I'm not huge into fact, up until about 1 1/2 months ago I hadn't been to church in 4 years. We found a new church down the street that we all really enjoy so we've started going again. So this "feeling" I've had all my life isn't a religious thing...The first time I remember having this feeling was when I was 14 years old. I was out on a "double date" with a much older guy...I'm guessing he was 18 or 19....maybe even older....can't even remember his name...this was my first date so to speak and my parents new nothing about it...all I'm going to say about it is there is no doubt in my mind where this "date" was headed and how things would have turned out if my guardian angel hadn't stepped up to the plate to intervene! All 4 of us were in a living the dark....making out....again...this was my first "make out session" and I had no clue! But shortly after it started I felt like my nose was dripping....I wiped my nose and discovered I had a bloody nose...not just your ordinary run of the mill bloody was a major gusher and it took a good 15 minutes to control...and I somehow had on this guys WHITE sweatshirt (OVER my own clothes)....and it was covered in blood. Now, this may seem like just a coincidence to you or you may be thinking that it was just because I was nervous....but I also have to tell you that up until that point I had NEVER had a nose bleed before....and I have NEVER had one since! Needless to say...the "date" ended and that was that...I was absolutely mortified of course and left that date cursing this Divine intervention....apparently my guardian angel has one hell of a sense of humor! But this is just the first of MANY MANY experiences like this. Things like this have continued happening my entire life. It used to freak me out ....big time.....but now it just makes me smile!

Now that I've said that I'm going to tell you that my guardian angel is with me when I run. I know I say that at the risk of everyone thinking I've completely gone off the deep end or that I'm just so emotionally invested in this marathon that my mind is working overtime.....but I swear that's not it....the entire time I run I can hear footsteps behind me. I'm continuously turning around to make sure no-one's following me or to make sure I'm not in some one's way...I'm telling's my guardian angel running with me.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Look out Forest Gump! Tammy Hopgood's coming through! heehee

I'm just so damn proud of myself! I ran the entire Race for a Cure 5 K with NO WALKING BREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ("5K" sounds so much bigger and better than "3 miles"....doesn't it!!???) And even better yet....I finished in 31 minutes 55 seconds....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby!!!!!! What a difference running with a crowd.... the adrenaline and spirit of the crowd really pushes you along. The whole experience was fantastic! I was floored by how many people were there. My cousin asked me if I wanted to run the Crim 10 K with her in August...definitely gonna look into signing up for that 1 too....assuming it doesn't conflict with our August Vacation. This is just so exciting for me. Another MAJOR breakthrough day!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Much Better!

Went to Dodge Park for 4 miles...was able to complete the whole run doing the 1 mile run/1 min was a struggle but I was able to finish all the running intervals. I stayed very focused on running really slow and relaxed. It helped. Finished in 47 min. 27 sec. I know it's a pretty slow running pace but I don't care. For my 1st marathon attempt I just want to be able to run as much of it as I can. In future races/marathons I can focus on improving my time......(I have to keep telling myself this to help temper the frustration!)

This Saturday is the Race for a Cure 5 K! My first race ever! I'm really excited! I'll be missing my TNT group training day....It's a 7 mile run day so I'll have to make it up on Sunday.... by myself....ho hum....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2 steps forward....5 steps back??!!

WOW....this morning's run was awful! Was feeling so confident after last nights run...but today made me feel like I'm getting no where! There is definitely something to this night time running theory! I did 3.13 in 37 minutes 28 seconds....DEAR LORD! I was cheating the whole time....ran the first mile straight through and then cheated the whole rest of the way....just didn't feel good today!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm ditching the timed intervals

Sunday's run ( and my interval timing mishap) made me start thinking that a lot of the difficulty that I'm having with improving my intervals is all in my head. So I went out today and decided to try to push for distance instead of timing...and do you know that I ran 4 miles ....running 1 mile walking ?? seconds ( how ever long it took me to walk across the major traffic lights...didn't really time it). I did 3.92 miles in 44 minutes 29 seconds. Which means that I ran for over 11 minutes at a time to get to that 1 mile! I definitely think I'm past the breathing difficulties...It felt really good today right from the get-go!...Even in this heat.... So assuming I'm not jumping the gun with that statement it'll be about strengthening my legs and muscle endurance from here on out. This is SO exciting for me...I feel like I'm improving and hitting more breakthroughs everyday! My hamstrings were feeling really sore and tight in the end...need to work on that!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

easy Sunday morning

My legs are REALLY sore! Did 3 miles in the neighborhood in 34 min. 22 sec. I tried to increase my intervals to 6 1/2 minute run / 50 minute walk.....but I somehow screwed up my timer on my GPS....after the 3rd walk break I was thinking boy these walk break are going by way too fast so I happened to pay attention the next time around and I somehow had it timed for 30 seconds instead of 50. So my legs started to revolt...I swear it's all psychological....because until I knew that I messed my timer up I was doing just fine. Go figure! Oh well...Really looking forward to giving my body a break tomorrow!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

3rd training session with TNT group

I love this sport. I think it's safe to say that this is something I will continue doing long after the marathon is over! I ran 6 miles in just over 67 minutes. I figured it out and it averaged out to be an 11 minute 10 second mile. It felt so good today! I did my 5 1/2 minutes run and 55 second walk. I completed all the intervals without cheating and even felt so good at one point that I skipped one of my walk breaks. I stopped for about 2 minutes at the half way point (TNT group has a water station set up at the 3 mile mark). So with my stop figured in I actually was UNDER 11 minute mile!!! The first 3 miles were hard...I had to really concentrate on my breathing and my legs were burning. But after that water stop it was a strange feeling....I felt like my body was on autopilot. Nothing burned, legs felt awesome, and my breathing felt so comfortable that I really wasn't even paying attention to it. I felt like I could have skipped all my walking breaks during that last 2 1/2 miles but I didn't want to push my luck. I'm a little paranoid about injuring myself and I'm glad I didn't push it because my left hamstring is feeling really sore right now. I almost feel like I can call my self a "runner". LMAO! I'm trying to talk Dan into training for the half friend Traci thinks she may have talked HER husband into the half....Dan's response is "let me think about it"...which is better than "NO WAY" we'll see! By the running partner ditched me this was a little damaging to my ego....but I got over it after my run went so well....I do much better on my own!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Gorgeous day! 3.14 miles in 34 minutes 36 seconds. Legs felt like they were dragging a little today again...didn't sleep last night even WITH the Nite-Quil! I really hope this passes before Saturday's 6 miles. Gonna be a hot one today....I'm off to go soak in my neighbor's pool!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

T.L. #14

Today felt incredible! Not sure of my exact distance because my GPS kept losing it's signal but whatever I ran I did it in 34 min. 16 secs....should have been around 3 miles though. Kept the same intervals as last night's run and felt really good. Dare I say, I may have gotten over the "breathing hump"??!! Breathing felt REALLY good today. My weak link today was generalized weakness...legs felt like noodles...I think it's this cold I'm trying to fight dragging me down. And by the way, I'm admitting an error here so you may want to take doesn't happen often.... = ), today's weather was perfect for running!...55 and sunny this morning! So, apparently, my heat loving days are on hiatus until this marathon is over!....It could be a loooong summer! I need to explain something. I don't want anyone to think that Dan & I are reneging on our promised pledge of $1000. We still plan to give that money but here's what we decided to do. As I've said before we have several friends doing this marathon including a married couple. Because they're BOTH doing this they have to raise double the minimum ($3000). I never in a my wildest dreams would have thought that I'd reach my minimum this family and friends are AWESOME! I did not anticipate everyone's unbelievable generosity! So I originally thought that our $1000 was going to make up the difference in whatever I was short in raising my minimum amount. So now I'm thinking...if, in the end, my friends are still short from reaching their minimum then I'll use the $1000 that we were planning on pledging anyway and disperse it into each of their accounts to help them in their fundraising efforts. It's all going towards that same cause so it doesn't matter if it's getting there through our account or someone elses....right?! SO, when the time comes and that money is dispersed I will put direct links on this blog to their TNT donation pages so that everyone knows that I did as I promised....not that I think there are doubters out there....but you never know!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

T.L. #13

Stuck close to home today & increased my intervals! ran 6 minutes/ walked 55 seconds (don't laugh....that 5 seconds makes a big difference!) for 3.13 miles. Finished in 34 min 11 fastest time yet!! Was tough but felt great! As much as I hate to admit it the cooler weather makes a big difference.

I feel like I'm getting sick now with a cold...hopefully it won't interfere with my training schedule this week! I'm certainly no martyr...when I'm sick...I'm down for the count! Most women complain about men being babies when they're sick....well I'M that big baby!....I don't like to be sick and I won't pretend I do! If I'm sick you can usually find me groaning on the couch curled up with a blanky feeling sorry for myself...and I'm ok with that! What does that have to do with my training blog you might ask?.....absolutely nothing!....that's the beauty of having a blog!...I can go off on any tangent I want!....LOL!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Training Log #12

Much better day. Went back to Stoney for 4 miles in the rain. It was still painful but I was able to complete all my 5 1/2 minute running spurts without cheating. Did the 4 miles in 47 minutes. Which cracks me up considering I did 5 yesterday in an hour. So with all my cheating yesterday I still only slowed my time down by about 2 minutes...(meaning - if I had run the full 5 today I would have been only 2 minutes faster than yesterday!). Was hoping to be able to increase my running time by 30 seconds each week but I'm not so sure now...I'll have to see how I feel. I keep hoping it'll get easier but now I'm thinking that I'll just learn how to cope with the pain for longer periods of time. I'm finding it VERY difficult to increase the amount of time of my running intervals AND increase the distance each week. The soreness in my legs has been a constant for 2 weeks now...and because I have to keep increasing the miles each week I don't think this soreness will ever get better! The soreness doesn't bother me though...I have a pretty high pain tolerance for that type of thing. It's a good soreness. It's the breathing that I struggle with. If I could just get the breathing thing down I might be able to pick up a little speed.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Today was rough!

I need to clarify a statement made in a previous post! When I said I liked running in the heat....I should have said I like the heat with out the HUMIDITY! Today's humidity killed's stifling! Stoney is SO much harder to run...there's so many hills! I did the 5 miles and only fully completed 3 of the 5.5 minute runs. I was stopping and cheating all the rest of took me 59 minutes to go 5 miles! I just couldn't continue. I think I need to start doing more of my "during the week" runs out at Stoney to help me improve my endurance because it's never this hard when I run in the neighborhood...or even Dodge Park for that matter. The good news is I've found a running partner. She's very nice and is struggling ALMOST as much as me...her endurance is better than mine but she decided to stay back in the slums with me so she could run with someone. I told her that if at any time she feels I'm holding her back that to PLEASE go on ahead. It made the time go by faster because we were talking...actually I guess I should clarify that by saying ....SHE did most of the talking....I just can't run and talk yet and I of course explained that to her from the very beginning so she didn't think I was just ignoring her. I think that's another reason I struggled today...I kept trying to talk. Note to self......I'm ALWAYS better off just keeping my mouth shut!....a lesson I have yet to master!