Thursday, June 28, 2007

fantastic weather today!!

Couldn't have asked for more perfect weather to run in. Got to the park at 7:15 it was 67 and sunny....and no humidity....LOVED IT! Didn't bring my GPS this time because it doesn't work at this particular park and because I really wanted to push myself to run the full 4 miles...didn't want to be staring at my watch every 2 minutes....IT WORKED! Ran 4 straight miles without stopping and it felt fantastic! My only complaint....the damn shorts I wore!! They're new...never wore them before.... and they're too tight around my thighs...they don't stretch....they're way too short....and by the time I finished I had major chub-rub on my upper inner thighs...obviously picked them off the rack with out trying them on!

So I'm revising the "bonus" goal that I wrote in my previous goal is to not only be able to look in the mirror and say "DAMN I look good"....but be able to run in these shorts without getting chub-rub!!

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