Saturday, June 2, 2007

Today was rough!

I need to clarify a statement made in a previous post! When I said I liked running in the heat....I should have said I like the heat with out the HUMIDITY! Today's humidity killed's stifling! Stoney is SO much harder to run...there's so many hills! I did the 5 miles and only fully completed 3 of the 5.5 minute runs. I was stopping and cheating all the rest of took me 59 minutes to go 5 miles! I just couldn't continue. I think I need to start doing more of my "during the week" runs out at Stoney to help me improve my endurance because it's never this hard when I run in the neighborhood...or even Dodge Park for that matter. The good news is I've found a running partner. She's very nice and is struggling ALMOST as much as me...her endurance is better than mine but she decided to stay back in the slums with me so she could run with someone. I told her that if at any time she feels I'm holding her back that to PLEASE go on ahead. It made the time go by faster because we were talking...actually I guess I should clarify that by saying ....SHE did most of the talking....I just can't run and talk yet and I of course explained that to her from the very beginning so she didn't think I was just ignoring her. I think that's another reason I struggled today...I kept trying to talk. Note to self......I'm ALWAYS better off just keeping my mouth shut!....a lesson I have yet to master!

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