Sunday, June 3, 2007

Training Log #12

Much better day. Went back to Stoney for 4 miles in the rain. It was still painful but I was able to complete all my 5 1/2 minute running spurts without cheating. Did the 4 miles in 47 minutes. Which cracks me up considering I did 5 yesterday in an hour. So with all my cheating yesterday I still only slowed my time down by about 2 minutes...(meaning - if I had run the full 5 today I would have been only 2 minutes faster than yesterday!). Was hoping to be able to increase my running time by 30 seconds each week but I'm not so sure now...I'll have to see how I feel. I keep hoping it'll get easier but now I'm thinking that I'll just learn how to cope with the pain for longer periods of time. I'm finding it VERY difficult to increase the amount of time of my running intervals AND increase the distance each week. The soreness in my legs has been a constant for 2 weeks now...and because I have to keep increasing the miles each week I don't think this soreness will ever get better! The soreness doesn't bother me though...I have a pretty high pain tolerance for that type of thing. It's a good soreness. It's the breathing that I struggle with. If I could just get the breathing thing down I might be able to pick up a little speed.


Randy and Kelly English said...

Tammy - The quicker pace and extra endurance will come with time. What's awesome is that you're determined to get there with a plan in place. Stick to it, you're doing great and you're making your Honored Heroes proud!!!


THopgood said...

You're such a sweetheart Randy! Thanks for making me smile! =)