Saturday, June 9, 2007

3rd training session with TNT group

I love this sport. I think it's safe to say that this is something I will continue doing long after the marathon is over! I ran 6 miles in just over 67 minutes. I figured it out and it averaged out to be an 11 minute 10 second mile. It felt so good today! I did my 5 1/2 minutes run and 55 second walk. I completed all the intervals without cheating and even felt so good at one point that I skipped one of my walk breaks. I stopped for about 2 minutes at the half way point (TNT group has a water station set up at the 3 mile mark). So with my stop figured in I actually was UNDER 11 minute mile!!! The first 3 miles were hard...I had to really concentrate on my breathing and my legs were burning. But after that water stop it was a strange feeling....I felt like my body was on autopilot. Nothing burned, legs felt awesome, and my breathing felt so comfortable that I really wasn't even paying attention to it. I felt like I could have skipped all my walking breaks during that last 2 1/2 miles but I didn't want to push my luck. I'm a little paranoid about injuring myself and I'm glad I didn't push it because my left hamstring is feeling really sore right now. I almost feel like I can call my self a "runner". LMAO! I'm trying to talk Dan into training for the half friend Traci thinks she may have talked HER husband into the half....Dan's response is "let me think about it"...which is better than "NO WAY" we'll see! By the running partner ditched me this was a little damaging to my ego....but I got over it after my run went so well....I do much better on my own!

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