Wednesday, June 6, 2007

T.L. #14

Today felt incredible! Not sure of my exact distance because my GPS kept losing it's signal but whatever I ran I did it in 34 min. 16 secs....should have been around 3 miles though. Kept the same intervals as last night's run and felt really good. Dare I say, I may have gotten over the "breathing hump"??!! Breathing felt REALLY good today. My weak link today was generalized weakness...legs felt like noodles...I think it's this cold I'm trying to fight dragging me down. And by the way, I'm admitting an error here so you may want to take doesn't happen often.... = ), today's weather was perfect for running!...55 and sunny this morning! So, apparently, my heat loving days are on hiatus until this marathon is over!....It could be a loooong summer! I need to explain something. I don't want anyone to think that Dan & I are reneging on our promised pledge of $1000. We still plan to give that money but here's what we decided to do. As I've said before we have several friends doing this marathon including a married couple. Because they're BOTH doing this they have to raise double the minimum ($3000). I never in a my wildest dreams would have thought that I'd reach my minimum this family and friends are AWESOME! I did not anticipate everyone's unbelievable generosity! So I originally thought that our $1000 was going to make up the difference in whatever I was short in raising my minimum amount. So now I'm thinking...if, in the end, my friends are still short from reaching their minimum then I'll use the $1000 that we were planning on pledging anyway and disperse it into each of their accounts to help them in their fundraising efforts. It's all going towards that same cause so it doesn't matter if it's getting there through our account or someone elses....right?! SO, when the time comes and that money is dispersed I will put direct links on this blog to their TNT donation pages so that everyone knows that I did as I promised....not that I think there are doubters out there....but you never know!

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Randy and Kelly English said...

You are awesome Tammy and your motivation for this race in very inspiring to me!!!!!

Love ya