Thursday, June 21, 2007

motrin is my friend

Did my 4 miles at the park this morning...another tough one. Upped the intervals to 1.25 miles. Not sure how long it took me because I accidentally shut my GPS off before I looked. My calves are so damn sore I can barely walk...if I sit for any length of time it takes a good amount of time before I can walk normal again after getting's been like this for the past month...I feel like my calves are forever going to feel this way.... I sent my running coach and mentors an email to find out why. I feel NO pain or fatigue in my quads or hamstrings it's ALL in my calves. During the run and after. I'm stretching them good before and after every run and icing them when I think about it but it's not helping. Everyone else I talk to says that they don't have this problem...they all say they feel it in their upper legs. So I'm starting to think that I'm doing something wrong. I've had a couple different people comment on the size of my calves and I've been noticing that they are in fact getting larger....I'm going to end up looking like Popeye if I don't figure this out!

Leaving tonight for a weekend getaway up north. Looking forward to the rest and relaxation. The roads up there are even hillier than Stoney so Saturday's 8 mile run should be interesting. I'll up date the blog on Monday.

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