Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm ditching the timed intervals

Sunday's run ( and my interval timing mishap) made me start thinking that a lot of the difficulty that I'm having with improving my intervals is all in my head. So I went out today and decided to try to push for distance instead of timing...and do you know that I ran 4 miles ....running 1 mile walking ?? seconds ( how ever long it took me to walk across the major traffic lights...didn't really time it). I did 3.92 miles in 44 minutes 29 seconds. Which means that I ran for over 11 minutes at a time to get to that 1 mile! I definitely think I'm past the breathing difficulties...It felt really good today right from the get-go!...Even in this heat.... So assuming I'm not jumping the gun with that statement it'll be about strengthening my legs and muscle endurance from here on out. This is SO exciting for me...I feel like I'm improving and hitting more breakthroughs everyday! My hamstrings were feeling really sore and tight in the end...need to work on that!

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