Tuesday, July 10, 2007

changing my running schedule

I've decided this past week to change my running schedule from 5 days to 4....the book I'm reading says there are advantages to this for 1st time marathon trainers 1) you decrease your chance of injury by taking more rest days.....but still running the same # of miles each week...I've been having some minor pain in my right heel and my left ankle and I'm worried that it's the beginnings of tendinitis....I've had it before in both my Achilles tendons when I used to dance and I'm paranoid about getting it again because it takes forever to heal properly. So I'm absorbing one of the weekday short runs into the other 3 weekday runs....running one mile extra each day to make up for the extra rest day. 2) it decreases your chances of burning yourself out which I think I may be quickly running into...The last 2 days have been awful runs for me...I feel like I'm going backwards again. I'm so tired and my legs feel like bricks. I'm exhausted but have insomnia! Was actually trying to run with my eyes closed this morning to take a little "nap"....

Yesterday I had to wait till Dan got home to get my run in. So by the time I got started it was after 8pm...did 6 miles in 71 minutes. It was so hot that I decided before even going out that I was going to do slow and easy...ran 1 mile / walked 1 minute. I felt good. My ankle and heal were bothering me for the 1st mile but then they warmed up and felt fine.

Then this morning I went out for 5 miles and finished in 57 minutes...it was the ugliest run (if you wanna call it that) to date.....I was exhausted and I knew it wasn't the smartest thing in the world to be going out for a 2nd run in less than 12 hours....but I didn't have a choice. My legs felt like brick blocks. Nothing felt good about today's run...I KNOW it could be worse and I KNOW I'm complaining right now like I promised I wouldn't .....but.....oh well....sue me!

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Randy and Kelly English said...

Hey Tammy,

I experienced the same thing today. Felt like I was running in quick-sand. Finding the time to run (with kids) is pretty difficult. I tried the same thing (cutting back the weekday runs) and this past Saturday's run was much more enjoyable. I felt rested at the start and didn't get any aches until after the run instead of during. I've been running hard Sunday - Wednesday, and trying to take Thursday & Friday off for a well rested Saturday. You're doing awesome regardless of brick-feet this week. Keep it up!