Monday, July 30, 2007

Divine Intervention?

Had another "Divine intervention" moment last night....gotta share! I'm sure everyone is thinking I've lost touch with reality I may as well seal the!

A few years back my mom gave me her wedding ring from her marriage to my dad. I love the ring and of course the sentiment behind it ....there's actually another "Divine intervention" moment that is attached to this ring that I'll share some other time.....and have always wanted to wear it but my mom's fingers are tiny so it never fit me....too small for my ring finger but too large for my pinkie. I've always wanted to take it to a jewelry store to have it sized to fit me but just never got around to it or kept forgetting. So this past week I've been wearing it on my pinkie finger even though it's too large because I wanted to remember to set aside some time to get it's loose but wearable if I'm careful. So last night at 5:55pm I was in my car on my way to the pet store when I looked at my hand and realized the ring wasn't on my finger. My heart sank....I called Dan at home and told him to keep his eye out for it...all I knew was that I had it on my finger when we left church. But we went for ice cream after church....looked at open houses after that....for all I knew it could've fallen off my finger in the bathroom at one of the houses we looked at. When I came home I was upset....this ring is very special to me...I didn't even know where to start looking it could've been anywhere. So I only glanced around on the floors and counters....I searched the laundry that I had folded earlier in the day...looked in the drawers of the laundry I put away....searched in sheets that I had folded...couldn't find it. So we were watching a movie later last night..."because I said so"....cute movie by the way....but I couldn't stop thinking about the ring ....and about how in the hell I was going to explain to my mom that I lost her wedding ring...I searched in my purse during the movie thinking maybe it had fallen off while I was getting something out of it....nothing. So when the movie finished I went to the bathroom....sitting on the toilet (pretty picture...I know) forehead resting on my fists I said to myself in my head as clearly as if I had said it out loud "dad, please help me find this ring".....within 2 minutes I knew before even looking where the ring just POPPED into my my laundry room sink I keep a bucket for soaking stained cloths in oxyclean water before washing them. Jordyn had spilled red Gatorade on her shirt so I had put her shirt in this bucket earlier in the day. I walked to the bucket....picket her shirt up out of the water....and there on the bottom of the bucket was my mom's wedding ring.

Now tell me I'm losing my mind! I dare you! LMAO!

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