Sunday, July 22, 2007

I kept up with them!

WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a day! I ran my long run with Diane and her running group this morning and did AWESOME! It makes a world of difference being with a group. It really helped me push myself. It was great because they all run my pace & they were a very enjoyable group to be with...they all made me laugh which really helped pass the time quickly! So today was all about running the distance without stopping...and they really helped me do that. I ran 10.32 miles. Ran the 1st 4 and then we stopped for a potty/stretch break...ran another 3 and stopped for another potty/stretch break....then finished with the last 3....that's the best I've done yet. They went on to do 11 miles and I stopped to stretch and wait for them. They're a couple weeks ahead of me in their training because they're doing the Chicago marathon which is 2 weeks before Detroit's. I carried on conversations almost the entire time. It felt great. The last mile was hell but I was very proud of myself for continuing. If I had been alone today doing my run I can pretty much guarantee that I would have walked much more than I did. For that reason I think I'm going to alternate my long run days between the TNT group and this group. When I run with TNT I always end up alone because no-one runs my pace. I'm the slowest of the runners but faster than the that leaves me somewhere in the my self. I can't push myself when I'm's too easy to cheat and give up. So we'll see.

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