Saturday, July 21, 2007

Trip to Indianapolis

I spent the week in Indianapolis with the boys. They had their gymnastics camp. So I ran 8 miles on Monday at the White River park. It was a beautiful day and the canal and river that I ran along was gorgeous! I have no idea what my time was... I was just out to enjoy the day...and I did! The picture to the right is the canal...the 2nd picture is White River.

Wednesday I was hoping to go to the Eagle Creek Park but it poured and stormed all day so I ended up just doing my 5 miles at the gym that the boys were practicing at. Actually I don't technically know how far I ran...I just ran the track for an gps doesn't work indoors so I had to guess-timate. The running track is above the gym so I was able to watch the boys during their practice...made the time go by a little faster.

Friday was another beautiful day outside so I was torn...I really wanted to run outside but Friday was the day that Paul and Morgan Hamm were coming to coach the boys and do their exhibition show...I didn't want to miss any of it so I just ended up running my 6 miles (or there abouts) at the track again. Took 2 walk breaks....running 2 miles at a time. The last photo shows the boys warming up on the running track with the Hamm brothers...the one in the blue t-shirt is Morgan (I think....still have a hard time figuring out which one is which)....Justin is on the far right in the picture.
All my physical pains are gone! The left ankle and right heal pain are completely GONE....haven't felt a single twinge of pain in over a week!!! I'm not sure if its because I ditched the blue shoes or if it's because I condensed my running into 4 days..... I don't I'm keeping both changes! I bought another pair of running shoes and I'll slowly start breaking them in next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me the new shoes work!
I'm gonna brave my long run tomorrow with a group of veteran runners (since I missed my TNT group run this morning...we were driving home from Indy). My friend Diane invited me to run with her running group....God help me! I'm only suppose to do 10 tomorrow but I'm gonna try to keep up with these guys and do 12. Not too confident about the whole thing but I really wanted to try running a different route...I really enjoyed the change of pace this past week so I'd like to find some new running paths.

I also wanted to add in this post that we have officially donated our $1,000.00. We split it up among the other 4 TNT runner friends of ours according to what they needed. $375/$200/$50/$375 to reach their $1500 minimum.

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