Thursday, July 5, 2007

Track running

If you haven't figured it out by now I think I have major obsessive compulsive tendencies...when I get involved in something I enjoy I tend to become all consumed by it. So I've been reading like crazy. Just finished my friends' First Marathon book and have been researching on-line and I went a couple days ago to a book store and bought a few 1st marathon training books. So I'm really learning a lot. Such as, running on the side walk or any concrete surface is horrible for your knees and ankles and legs in general...the book suggests running on an actual track. I've been having a little bit of left ankle and right knee discomfort....not bad....but enough to make me a little concerned that it's the beginning of something. The discomfort doesn't bother me while I'm running it's when I get up after sitting for a while that it hurts. And my legs usually ache in general when I complete a run. So I went to the track yesterday to give it a try. It made a HUGE difference in how my legs felt after. The track surface is actually spongy. Not the most scenic of runs but I can take the kids with me when I go so I don't have to wait to squeeze my runs in at night. And I tried to do some speed interval that I can actually run a respectable hope was to get my 3 miles in and to take 1 minute of every mile to run a faster pace and then drop back down to my normal pace after the minute. I made it through the first mile and did my one minute and that was it...I just couldn't do it I'll try next time to do 2 intervals...It's a lot harder than it sounds! So I ended up running 3 miles in 30 minutes 27 secs....which is AWESOME for fastest time yet...not too shabby!! I stopped after 2 miles for a potty break...I stopped my watch which I suppose is cheating but I don't care!...I think my biggest hindrance on race day isn't going to be pain or lack of's going to be my damn bladder! I need a bladder training program! Or maybe I'll just run with a catheter!

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Randy and Kelly English said...

I am completely OPPOSITE from you. That must be why we get along so well!!!!! LOL