Saturday, September 1, 2007

Diane says I'm a weeny!

And so I am.....and I'm OK with that...LOL! Was suppose to run with Diane's crew this morning. Was planning on meeting them at 7 this morning. Ended up deciding against that as I sat at my kitchen table last night playing euchre until 2 am in the morning. Who'd a thought that 3 long islands and an evening of gluttony would have such a negative impact on my motivation??!! ...(note to long island or food binges night before marathon....and stay the HELL away from garlic! list continues to grow)! I am here-by swearing off alcohol until this marathon is over. My body just can't be abused like this anymore.

I went out to do my 14 mile run on my own this morning. Didn't make it to the park until 8:30. I was slow as molasses this morning! Stopped at 5 miles for a LONG bathroom break....(Grandma could be on to something.....but then again maybe it was the long islands)........water breaks at 6.5 and 9.5.....a LONG walk break at 12 miles...and I was all but crawling the last mile. Average pace was about 11:30 min mile...felt OK.....I finished the 14 wasn't pretty, but I finished.

THEN, I came home and had a wonderful massage! A friend of a friend is a message therapist and does a 1 hour message for only $35 and comes right to your house. It was a wonderful thing to have when your body is still aching from the long run. Blissful I tell you....simply blissful!

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