Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Strange Encounter

Ran 5 miles at the park. VERY slow. Didn't get to the park until 10am and the temp was already 78 and humid. But the time I finished the thermometer on my car said 85. Average pace was 11:50 but it amazingly felt REALLY good. I'm wondering if that's BECAUSE I slowed it down??!! Maybe that's my ticket.

Had a very weird encounter in the park. I'm running back from the 1st 3 mile loop and notice this guy about 100 feet ahead of me on the ground in roller blades very obviously in pain. So I yelled to him before I reached him "are you ok"....he shakes his head...I say "can you make it back"....he shakes his head...."what did you hurt?" answer....he starts to stand up but he's still not saying anything....obviously nothing is broken because he's now standing upright....but I say "nothing's broken?"......he's still not talking and now I'm starting to think maybe he hit his head and he's got a closed head injury or something because why the hell isn't he answering me.....I was slightly alarmed.....and now I notice he's grabbing the right side of his now I'm thinking.... oh, maybe he pulled a muscle......groin muscle perhaps?.....after an incredibly long and awkward silence (because at this point I just don't know how to help this man because he hasn't spoken) he finally says....very slowly.... "it.... got..... me...... in..... the...... special..... place"...... WTF!!!!!!!! OK......1) How does one hurt their "special place" while falling off roller blades? 2) What is the "it" he's referring to? & 3) "Special Place"???........really????!!!! I honestly can't say that I have ever heard a grown man (or anyone over the age of 5) refer to it as their "special place". So I say....and I quote...."can't help you there buddy...sorry"....and took off running. I felt like a paranoid bitch but this guy was just a little bit "off" shall we say. So now I'm running and thinking that if I glance back to see if he's following me I'll look paranoid....but I can't resist....I glance back and now he's following about 100 feet behind me skating very slowly and I'm freaked out because I feel like he's following me. Then a couple people pass by & I think ....alright I'm ok because there's still people on the trail....he can't do anything as long as people keep passing by....then I turn around and he's not there....where'd he go?? he hiding in the trees? Eventually, I give up on the paranoid thoughts and continue my run knowing that I'M the freak. UNTIL, I turn around to back track to get in my last mile and HE'S RIGHT THERE!!!! He stops me again and asks for directions to Clinton River road....I didn't stop, I just kept running and yelled "just keep going straight". Maybe that's why my run felt so good...I was so freaked out by this guy that the thought of stopping for a walk break never even entered my mind!

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