Monday, September 3, 2007

Big Apple Bagel Day!

Did 9.5 miles with Diane & her crew this morning. I'm thinking the extra driving time is worth having a group to run with. We started at 16 mile and Crocker and looped around through Metro Park...It's just beautiful at the water....meant to bring my camera along but forgot it. I was having flash-backs to the days when I was younger and we used to have our DeStefanis family reunions there. I remember the exact spot right by the boat docks. I remember walking near the boat docks when my younger cousin Traci was first starting to walk and my Aunt Renee (the one who passed away from Lymphoma) was holding Traci's hand and trying to see how far she'd walk. So I asked if I could hold her hand and walk her and she said yes. I felt so "grown - up". Weird how that's one of my only memories of those reunions.

Anyway, we averaged out about an 11 min mile. They're just as bad as me with the potty breaks so I felt right at home! Then when we finished we went to the Big Apple Bagel....mmmmmm...that's all I could think about the last 2 miles. In fact, that was the only thing that kept me going the last mile because I was only suppose to do 8 miles today. When I hit 8 miles I kept thinking that technically I could just stop and walk the rest of the way....but I didn't want to miss out on the Big Apple Bagel!

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