Thursday, September 13, 2007

I think I'm done with Dodge Park

Dropped Jordyn off with Aunt Monica so I could get my run in today. Had to do 6. Planned on going to Stoney but after dropping J off I just didn't feel like driving all the way up there. So...I decided to bite the bullet and go to Dodge Park. I can't run there alone anymore. I'm a freak. A paranoid freak! I had pepper spray in my hand and I was still a freak. I had a hard time listening to my ipod because I kept turning it way down thinking that if someone snuck up behind me I'd never hear them. Completely irrational I know...but there you have it.....I'm an irrational freak!

On a positive note...the weather was beautiful! Cool and sunny. I took it very easy today because my legs are extremely sore. The last week has taken it's toll on my legs. I've run 35 miles in the last 5 days. My right heal is still giving me grief and my left ankle is bothering me again. So I took 3 walk breaks and averaged an 11:30/mile pace.

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Randy and Kelly English said...

Tammy....We love you to death! Just reading your last two blogs I've realized that with all your running around between school, dance, gymnastics, Dodge Freako Park, etc... you've run an Iron Man/Woman 56 mile Marathon! Screw daily runs, just keep this schedule going! LMAO! The image of you turning around every couple seconds at Dodge to see if anyones behind you is too funny. Keep it up, it might be hard to keep your schedule, but did you ever think you'd be able to run the miles your doing now!?! YOU ROCK!

Randy and Kelly