Monday, September 10, 2007

What a day

Getting my miles in during the week is a challenge now. I had to get 8 miles in today. Was originally hoping to get it done while Jordyn was in school but I forgot that I had scheduled an appointment with a company to come out and give us an estimate for a new backyard was Jordyn's first day of school and I had forgotten that I was suppose to stay with her today for her 1st day...I'm so darn unorganized, I'm sure I read that bit of information in her pre-school packet that I got in the mail over a month ago....but who can remember that kind of stuff....if Jordyn had been my 1st child I would have known that and had all the paper work and payment filled out and ready to hand in to the teacher.....but as it turns out poor Jordyn is my 3rd and so the 1st day of school has lost a little excitement in our home....I'm just anxious to get them all off to they can get a fine education of course ; ).......How bad is it that I forgot to take a picture of my boys on their first day of school?....

Anyway....totally off the subject here.... as I was saying...I'm stuck at Jordyn's school and have no way to contact this company....Frank C Construction let them know that I'll have to reschedule because I'm stuck at the school....I tried calling information but they couldn't find a listing by that name..... there was literally nothing else I could've done. So...I get a phone call at 12:50 (20 minutes after the appointment was suppose to take place)....I apologized profusely on the phone explained what happened and that I tried to get a number from information but they didn't have a listing...blah blah....there was nothing I could do and felt horrible UNTIL I said "I'll have to reschedule"....this guy proceeds to get completely irate on the phone and nastily (is that a says..."I am NOT rescheduling....I've been sitting here for 20 minutes (ok....nobody asked him to sit there for 20 minutes)....if you want to tell me what it is you want I'll take a look and leave the estimate" I couldn't say what I WANTED to say because I was in a classroom with other fellow parents and my daughters' teacher, I just didn't think my language would have been I kindly tell him exactly what it is that we're wanting and hang up. I get home to find this JA's estimate of almost DOUBLE what our last 2 estimates have been. How's THAT for customer service!? JERK!!

Anyway, this IS a running blog right??!! So I guess I should talk about my run....I eventually got it in later this afternoon...when the kids got home from school my mom watched them for me so I could get my 8 in. My goal was to finish in under 1 1/2 hours and I did! With just under 2 minutes to spare. My average pace was 11:02/mile. Took a quick walk break at 2.5 miles and then ran the rest straight through. It felt really good the last 5 miles...the first 3 are always the hardest for me.

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