Saturday, August 25, 2007

vacation is over

Our "vacation" is over....THANK GOD! an effort to keep a positive attitude I'll just say....the kids had a blast! Justin got up on skis for the first time....Brendan went tubing.... (all on the 1 day that it wasn't raining and the boat wasn't being repaired) and Jordyn got her 1st kiss...LMAO!

I'm way behind in running my miles this week. I only ran twice. 6 miles on Monday? (I think...lost track of the days) and 5 miles on wed or Thurs. The weather was awful (oops....there goes the positive attitude)....and I wasn't getting any sleep....sleeping accommodations sucked....(screw the positive just say that 3 sides of our mattress were touching the walls.....there was mouse poop on our comforter and an earwig under our sheets when I stripped the bed....just didn't have the running spirit in me this week....the entire week was like a huge comedy of errors! And it didn't stop when we got home to find our computer was fried!....brought it in to the Geek Squad for fix'n...thank God it was repairable or I'd really be cry'n right now. All of us actually left to come home an entire day early because it was so bad up there. So I'm sure I'll pay dearly tomorrow when we're all doing our 12 miles! No more slacking...vacation time is over so I'll try to get more serious about getting all my miles in now. ONLY 10 MORE DAYS TILL SCHOOL STARTS!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I'll be on my street corner in my jammies escorting my children on the bus and doing the happy dance!

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