Saturday, August 18, 2007

14 miles and going strong!

Had to get one last entry in before we leave so that when I return I don't forget how awesome I felt today! I had my best run yet this morning and it was the toughest....14 miles! The weather was absolutely perfect....55-60 degrees and sunny! 14 miles in 2:32:12!!! That's a 10:52 mile pace average!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!! My best mile lap was the first at 10:09 and my worst was the 12th mile at 11:45. My pace stayed below 11 min/mile for the first 10 miles. I didn't have to stop to pee even once the entire 14 miles......I think I've finally got this pee/hydration thing licked.....YAH-HOOOOOOO!!! I stopped real quick at 6.5 to refill my water bottle which took a matter of seconds....then at the 11th mile I decided to take a quick walk break because my left ankle was nagging me....big that the miles are picking up walking breaks are not in my best interest I've decided. Once I stopped that was legs didn't want to start back up again....I walked again at mile 13 because my hips were really starting to freeze up. But all in all it was a perfect day for me....I essentially ran for the first 11 miles straight.....OMG!!!! I love these feel good makes me look forward to the next run to see if I can top it! I'm off....for a week of fun and relaxation??? Yeah right! 12 kids under 1 roof....well....2 roofs.....and according to the weather forecast the week could potentially be a total wash out....I'll need a vacation from this vacation!!

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