Thursday, August 16, 2007

Im very consistant

Did another 7 miles this morning in exactly 80 minutes....5 seconds slower than yesterday...LOL! BUT today I had to make a bathroom technically my running time would have been faster than yesterday if I hadn't stopped. Felt really good...although the humidity was a bit suffocating this morning. I'm loving my new keeps lap times for each mile and I can go back and review. Yesterdays average pace was fastest mile lap was 10:56 (5th mile) and slowest pace was 12:03 (6th mile). Today's average pace was 11:28....fastest mile lap was 11:03 (2nd mile) and slowest mile was 12:11 (3rd mile...potty break). I might do an easy 3 or 4 tomorrow depending on how I feel to make up for some of my lost miles this week but I'd really like to take a rest day before Saturday's long run. Doing 14 miles Saturday...OMG! NOW the miles REALLY start to pick up....EEK! I'm scared! And then after the 14 miles I have to sit in a car for over 3 hours for our week long vacation with friends. All of us marathon friends are going to Higgins lake for a week long vacation with our families...CAN'T WAIT! This trip should prove to be a true test of wills....trying to get our runs in after long days of drinking....I'm guessing running a marathon drunk is probably frowned upon! But they say to test every scenario before the big we'll just consider this part of the training...LMAO!

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