Wednesday, August 15, 2007

took 3 days off

I had every intention of running Sunday before leaving for Cedar Point and then running 1 morning while in Cedar didn't happen. Saturday night we were at friends' house for a birthday party...didn't get to sleep until late and when I woke up Sunday morning it was was only drizzling but I hadn't even started packing that was my excuse. I had no excuse while in Sandusky other than after walking at Cedar Point for 12 hours straight....I just didn't think my feet could stand the beating. So I guiltlessly took a few days off.

Went out this morning after 3 days off and did 7 miles in 1:19:55. I took 2 - 2minute walk breaks....1 at 2.5 miles and another at 5.5 miles. Felt really good. No complaints. 8 hours later I sit here with an extremely stiff left ankle....nothing that a little ice can't cure.

I was reading an article in Runner's World on the way to Cedar Point and found a couple of paragraphs in an article that I love and wanted to share.....I've said from the beginning that I really wanted my kids to be at the race on marathon day. It's very important to me but I couldn't articulate why....I just knew that it was important...the author of this article summed it up beautifully!

"The way I see it, the only way to run counter to our toxic image-centric society is to literally run by example. I can't tell my daughters that beauty is an incidental side effect of living your passion rather than an adherence to socially prescribed standards. I can't tell my son how to recognize and appreciate this kind of beauty in a woman. I have to show them, over and over again, mile after mile, until they feel the power of their own legs beneath them and catch the rhythm of their own strides.
Which is why my parents wake my kids early on race-day mornings. It matters to me that my children see me out there, slogging through difficult miles. I want my girls to grow up recognizing the beauty of strength, the exuberance of endurance, and the core confidence residing in a well-tended body and spirit. I want them to be more interested in what they are doing than how they look doing it. I want them to enjoy food that is delicious, feed their bodies with wisdom and intent, and give themselves the freedom to indulge. I want them to compete in healthy ways that honor the cultivation of skill, the expenditure of effort , and the courage of the attempt."


Randy and Kelly English said...

Hey Tammy,

I'm sure the stiff ankle is just from Cedar Point! Walking yes, but probably moreso from you jamming your feet into the floorboard of the rollercoaster cars while flipping, turning, spinning and falling. Or, you're just getting old! LOL Just kidding, you're doing awesome. 3 days off is much needed at times, especially with all the hard work you're putting into this. Damn Girl... it's hard to catch up with you at Stoney Creek now!!! Keep it up - you're an inspiration to your family and friends!


THopgood said...

But "Why would you want to pass me when you could follow this ass!"....LMAO!

Yeah, the stiff neck is from Cedar Point it just me or are those rides at Cedar Point getting rougher every year...I used to love the thrill of a good roller coaster but take the Mantis for instance...I'm pretty sure I left half my brain on that ride!

Randy and Kelly English said...

OK... in all honesty looking at your ass is the reason I'm running a slower pace. At some point I have to pass though otherwise I'd fall on top of you!!! LOL

You Rock - Keep it Up!