Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sub zero weather may not be so bad after all!

I think my hatred for the winter has been trumped by my hatred for the treadmill. I try to keep a positive attitude about it thinking that my positive thoughts will become a know the whole "secret" theory....yeah, not so much! 3.5 miles of running and walking....couldn't bring myself to run the whole 3 miles...I was hating it. I should've just ran in the rain....oh well.

3 days!!!!

MY NAME IS IN THE PAPER.......wooohhoooooo!!!!!!! Todays paper has a whole section on the Detroit Fress Marathon and on page 20R is ME....along with the names of the other 10s of thousands of participants.....get your magnifying glass out to see it...but never mind that....IT'S THERE! And I'm number 7040!

Jordyn update.....after all that it must have been something she ate because she woke up this morning happy as a clam! Can't figure out what it could've been because everything she ate was pretty benign as far as potentially containing anything bacterial....and me and the boys ate the same dinner she did..... turkey sandwiches (the turkey was bought less than 24 hours ago).....and no one else got sick. So either it was a school snack or it was a less than 12 hour flu bug....go figure! THANK YOU JESUS!


Randy and Kelly English said...

my niece and nephew both had the 12 hour bug Sunday night after we got home from Cedar Point. Luckily we didn't get it!!!

Steve Ballmer said...

I can't run that far anymore