Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm ready!

Today was our last long training run before the big day and it felt great. 8 miles in 1:25....that's a 10:37 mile average! I felt wonderful! It was cold as hell (started in 37 degrees) but I went on a little winter run shopping spree recently and loaded up on warm gear.....I was toasty warm by mile 2! I'm READY! It amazes me that 8 miles feels like nothing now. I feel no soreness at all. 16 weeks ago I ran my first 8 mile run and it seemed so daunting to me....I was ridiculously sore afterward and now it's just a piece of cake....heehee....who'da thought!??? This weeks challenge will be keeping myself healthy. I think I just may quarantine myself in my house to keep away from the cooties. I'm going to become a neurotic germophobe for the next week!

For anyone who's actually following this blog and interested.....on race day you can track my progress through the marathon as I'm running. Apparently they give me some sort of a GPS chip to attach to my shoe that tracks my run and you can log onto the Detroit Free Press Marathon web site while the marathon is actually taking place and find out where I'm at. You can go to this site
and find the "track runner"...... or something like that.....type in my name and they will tell you where I'm at and my time at specific splits in the race. Kinda neat.

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