Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I've officially decided on Chicago next year!

Ran an easy and very enjoyable 3 miles this morning....no gps and no water bottle strapped to my butt. Just me and my ipod! I'm very happy to be over the hump of training and now the runs are enjoyable again....I have to admit that I was getting a smidge burnt out these last few weeks. Now I'm getting excited. I'm almost there. My easing off the last week really helped my sore ankle and heal. They're almost completely better.

So it's official....I haven't even completed my 1st marathon and have already decided on next years' marathon....Chicago. I'm going to try a new marathon in a new state each year.....that's my goal......for as long as my body will allow me.....or until it stops being enjoyable. This has been a life changing adventure for me and I plan on repeating it over and over again. Obviously this isn't for everyone. There are a few in our group who say "NEVER AGAIN!". But at least they gave it their best shot and TRIED! I respect that! Even through all my complaints and struggles I've enjoyed every aspect of this. & I've somehow been lucky enough to avoid any major physical injuries to hold me back....I'm sure that won't always be the case and I'm sure I should be knocking on wood since the marathon is still 2 weeks away....I probably just jinxed myself! I haven't even lost a single toenail yet!! YEAY! I'm not sure I with my toe fetish could have handled a blow like that!

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