Wednesday, October 3, 2007

almost feel'n normal again!

Another elliptical day....only did 30 minutes....having a tough time squeez'n in these runs lately. But my body is thanking me. Today was the first day since last Saturday that I didn't wake up limping (crawling would probably be a better description). Tomorrow will be another elliptical day although I'm not too sure when I'll get it in. Then Saturday we do 14 miles. We're almost there.....only 11 days left......can I get an AAAAAAAAAAAA--MEN!!!!!!!!!!

I've decided to continue this blogging when the marathon is over...But I'm thinking I may just do it on MySpace. It'll be a blog for my kids ....intitled "This is My Life". ....that ebay lady inspired me. I always intended on keeping a journal for my kids when they were younger to document all the incredibly cute, funny, and of course STUPID, things they do....yes I said stupid because now that my oldest son is 10 many of the things he does can in fact be called stupid....maybe not the politically right term for it but true non-the-less. Now that I'm scrapbooking I need something to help me remember these moments....and I think it would be neat for them to look back and read one day. My memory is fading faster than a snowflake these days and I really want to preserve these moments.

EDIT: Way off!! Let's try 18 days left!!!!

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