Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Training Log #9

Today was suppose to be a rest day but when I saw tomorrow's weather report I decided to go today instead. I have to say that I'm quite proud of myself for going = ) considering my feet were throbbing from being on them for 9 hours at work!

I think I hit a major break through today! I decided that since my feet & legs were tired from standing at work and since today was suppose to be a rest day...to take it easy and do a slow short 3 mile run with the 5.5/1 intervals. My breathing felt so incredibly good through the last half that I completely skipped my last walk break and ran for 8 1/2 minutes straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided to keep running as James Brown was screaming "I FEEL GOOD" in my ear (yes.....I down loaded it....I'm a dork....I know....)....I've decided that this song will officially be my war whoop...battle cry...mantra....whatever you want to call it! I don't know why but that song makes me want to start skipping down the street with my arms swinging wildly instead of jogging....I swear that's what I'll do if it starts playing during the marathon...now wouldn't that be a sight!

So anyway, I ran 3 miles in 36 minutes...I'm slow as hell....speaking of slow....I went to my doctors last week for a weird ear thing I have going on...and in our conversation the marathon training came up....well little did I know, my doctor does the relay at the free press event every year...so he says, "hey...we're looking for a 4th person...you should join us..... we had one last year but she was too SLOW"..........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Boy did I get a chuckle out of that one! "Yeah, sure doc...let me put that one on my calendar....oh, by the way, I can only run 5 minutes at a time...ya think that'll be a problem??!!"

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Randy and Kelly English said...

Tammy you big dork I love you!!!!!!