Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm hooked

I exchanged a few emails with my TNT running coach and mentor looking for some advice on how to get my endurance up. They were very encouraging and told me their 1st marathon training days went much like mine. They told me that a lot of 1st time runners do well with interval training. They suggested running 4 minutes / walking 1 minute. So I was off to the park to give it a try...and of course...me being me....decided that wasn't enough...so I did 5 minute run / 1 minute walk for 3.2 miles!! I FELT AWESOME!!! I figured out on my GPS (was a little hasty the other day in giving up on it)....that in the end I had run a total of 2.83 miles...the rest was walked!! I've never run that far in my life!!!! Left the park with a smile on my face and James Brown's tune "I Feel Good" strumming in my head! I think I'm addicted to this...I seriously contemplated doing a second run tonight. I felt like one of those disgustingly happy people who typically make me crazy...I was one of THEM! I love it. It feels great to be working towards such an awesome goal.

Now on a very funny note...I have to tell you that part of the reason I ran so far was because half way through it I was chased by a goose! There were several families of geese and babies sitting in the middle of the trail. I tried to run around them but the big guy decided I was invading his territory. I laughed so hard at how ridiculous I looked screaming and running from this damn goose that I nearly.....well, never mind that! Then I laughed even harder at how silly it was that I was all alone on this trail laughing hysterically at myself...if someone had passed by at that particular moment they would have committed me!

It was a fantastic day! I now KNOW I can do this! No more "we'll see"...or "I'll try".....


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