Thursday, May 24, 2007

Training log #5

Went to the park for my run this morning. Another beautiful day. Ran 3 miles of 5/1 intervals in just under 34 minutes...felt great! I think I'm going to keep the 5/1 intervals for the long runs on Saturday (we'll see how it goes) but try to slowly increase my running time each week during the weekday training. So starting next Tues. I'll try doing 5 1/2 minutes of running....don't laugh at me!.....I gotta take baby steps...My original goal in wanting to run the full 5 K by June 16th may have been a bit unrealistic for me. But we'll see!

I went to the Hanson's footwear clinic with the TNT group last night. It was very informational! I was impressed by the guys who work there...very knowledgeable. I found out that the 1 guy that helped me with my 1st pair of running shoes actually qualified to be 1 of 5 runners representing the US in some huge international race. The last marathon he ran he finished a full 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes!! HOLY SH_T!! Anyway, one of the topics that they were discussing is weather...and how some people hate running in the heat of the summer and some hate running in the middle of the winter. I sat there wondering which one I'll be. I can tell you that I'm a summer gal anyway, the hotter the better. Today confirmed it. The sun was shining and it was already 79 degrees out. I just love to sweat...I'm weird I know...but I love that feeling when your done doing anything strenuous and your face feels like it's on're just burning up....I loved it! I simply do NOT like to be cold! I have to say though that the bugs and flying fuzzy things were a major pain in the ass! If I wasn't sucking one up my nose than they were sticking to my sweaty skin! But I can live with that!

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