Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Reclaiming ME!

I've done a lot of joking around in the recent past to many of my friends about my self proclaimed "mild mid-life crises". I was desperately bored with my life. My entire life and identity revolved around my kids...being a mom...and being a wife. And as my kids gain their independence even THAT identity is slipping. My boys are in school all day and at the gym all night...Jordyn is at school a couple days each week and with her being the only one at home....lets just say one can only read so many Dora and Princess books before going out of her mind! Going back to work a couple days each week helped a lot but I still had nothing in my life that was just for ME! Of Course I love my kids and of course I love being a mom and wife; and I'm very grateful that I have an incredibly supportive husband who has afforded me the opportunity to stay at home all these years and raise my kids; And I'm comfortable with the job we're doing as parents in raising our kids; blah, blah, blah..... but during all this what goes through my head is "there HAS to be more to my life than this"! I'm sure that sounds selfish, and maybe I AM selfish, and I'm ok with that!

With that said, I feel like I've been walking around the last 4 days on a major "high". I'm so damn happy I could cry, and have! I'm a happier mom, a happier wife....just happy! I feel like I've reclaimed a huge piece of myself! And I'm supporting a wonderful cause in the process. It feels so damn good to be working towards this's all I can think about. I'm obsessed. I don't think there's anything in the world that could be more gratifying. I'm sure this blissfulness will wear off eventually, I mean it's only been 1 week. But I wanted to share the feeling while it lasted!

K...I'm more gushing....go rinse your mouth....all that mouth regurge will leave a nasty odor (and rotten teeth).

Back to my running log. Did 3 miles again. Still doing the 5/1 intervals. Was even easier today than yesterday but I'm sure that's because I was on a treadmill (no hills). I felt fantastic when I was done. It's very gratifying to feel the progress I'm making with each run! Looking forward to Saturday's 4 mile run to see how I do.

There's 7 of us doing this. 3 of us are running it and the other 4 are walking. There are different coaches for the walkers than for the runners so when we train together on Saturdays our group gets split up. The other 2 runner friends of mine are running circles around me and leaving me in their dust. I was a little discouraged that I was the only beginner who couldn't run it. BUT my friends Traci and Kristina (both have never run before) have decided to come over to the dark side and try this interval training with me. YEAY! I may have a running partner after all!

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