Friday, May 25, 2007

My First Marathon Dream....Not a very encouraging one!

I have to share a portion of an email I received yesterday (hope this person doesn't mind....I won't say any names) and then I'll share in stark contrast the dream I had last night....

"When I was younger (into my early 20’s) I used to run. Not for distance or for racing or for anything. Just me. I used to “reach for a stride” when I ran and in a short time that stride turned into a glide. An almost effortless glide. When I broke my leg I could never regain that stride and for several years I had this recurring dream. I would be running, reaching for longer and longer strides until I was clearing entire city blocks in a single stride (Without a Cape) and then I was able to gain altitude by keeping my legs churning so I could clear houses (but Not faster than a Speeding Bullet). These dreams were a physical exaggeration, but not much of a mental exaggeration, of the way I felt sometimes when I was running." let me share the dream I had last night...I have to hurry before I forget it!

I was at a marathon and decided after the first several miles that I just couldn't I decided to stop and take a rest for just a couple hours at a hotel! So now I'm in a hotel sitting indian style on my bed watching the marathoners go by and sitting on the bed next to me is Sidney Poitier (I have NO idea where THAT came from)...also sitting indian style. We were both taking a test...because apparently if you couldn't run the marathon you could just test your way through it. Only, Sidney was plugging away at the test concentrating hard and I was just staring at the test...I had a huge Costco size bucket of animal crackers on my left and a big gulp Diet Coke on my right. My mouth was stuffed so full with animal crackers I couldn't speak to Sidney. ....and that was it!

I'm gonna try REAL hard to not analyze this one.....

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