Sunday, May 27, 2007

Training log # 7

Still going strong! Did 4.25 miles in 47.5 minutes. Increased my intervals to 5.5/1. Struggled the last calves are my weak link! Breathing was more of a struggle today I think because of the increase in running time...of course, the 3 beers and snickers blizzard that I ate at 10pm could have SOMEthing to do with it!....note to beers or snickers blizzards day before marathon......Thanks Randy and Kelly for twisting my arm = ) ! But I was able to hang in there. I'm truly shocked that I haven't gotten to the point of groaning at the thought of getting in my run for the day. Usually, when I think of working out I can eventually talk myself out of it. But I don't really even stop to think about it any more...I just do it...It's becoming a routine for me. And I have to say that I've been eating like a flipp'n cow these last 3 weeks and haven't gained a pound...MAJOR bonus to this running, if I could just control myself I may even lose a few pounds!

My friend Diane gave me a book called "First Marathons" and I'm loving it! Very motivating and inspirational. Every chapter is a different person's first marathon experience story. Many of them are people like me who never ran before but decided to do it on a whim...many of them started running late in life...thirties, forties AND fifties....and became addicted to running because of the wonderful experiences they had. It's a lot of fun to read but also very educational. I'm learning a lot.

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