Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rome wasn't built in a day!

Well...OK...1st day of training is over...time to move on to the next! I always considered myself a relatively "in-shape" kinda gal. Spent my first 22 years of life in a dance studio. VERY physically fit back then. Still work out these days after having 3 kids...maybe not as often or consistently as I should....but who the hell has time for consistency. So when this marathon thing came up I thought to myself...if they can do it why can't I?...How hard can it possibly be...I'm major physical disabilities...I can do 45 minutes on the elyptical....I mean, I'm as relatively "in-shape" as the next guy!

yeah....not so much....

So lets list the positive sides of today....shall we?....because it's all about being positive!!!!!

1. I got a GREAT lesson in humility!
2. I didn't have the need to trip on anyone's heels...they were all MUCH further ahead than me!
3. I didn't get any blisters!
4. No-one laughed at least to my face anyway!
5. I was able to get to my car in time before passing out in front of anyone!

We'll skip listing the negatives... it's all about being positive!!!!

Besides....people can live with only one lung anyway....can't they?

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