Saturday, May 26, 2007

Training log #6

Had a fantastic run today. Still stuck with the 5/1 intervals. Did 4 miles in 46 minutes. In the ran. Really enjoyed running in the ran! I'm SO glad that the entire group went this morning...I can honestly say that if I hadn't known they were going to be there I probably would have skipped it and made my long run tomorrow because of the rain. But now I know I won't melt...learn something new every day! It was also encouraging that even with my 1 minute walk breaks I always had my friend Kelly in my walk breaks aren't slowing me down all that much. I figured out that even if I can't improve my pace or running intervals and keep this same pace that I'm at now I'll be able to finish the marathon in under 5 hours....woooohoooo!

The 1st mile always feels the worst. Legs burn, can't control my breathing, always have a stitch in my side under my right ribs...and the entire 1st mile I kept thinking 'how in the hell am I going to do 4 miles if I'm struggling this hard with the 1st mile....but by mile 2 the stitch starts working it's way out and my feet find a rhythm...and by the 3rd mile I have my breathing completely under control. The start of the 4th mile was rough because my calves were on fire but before I new it I saw the parking lot...I forgot about my calves and was actually able to pick up a little speed for the last 10 seconds....and by then I felt like I could've kept going! My calves are going to REALLY hurt tomorrow!

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