Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I need a calorie free cookie!

Squeezed in another hour on the elliptical. I LOVE my elliptical. It's the only cardio machine that I can do and still read! I'm reading a fabulous book..."Rockabye: From Wild to Child"...made the time go by VERY fast...a great book goes a very long way when your working out! Imagine that...burning over 600 calories (at least that's what the machine tells me) while reading a book. Wooohooo! Doesn't get better than that. Well it could actually...someone could come up with a way to burn that many calories while eating these damn M&M cookies that I've been inhaling for the last 3 days...UGH! I begged my hubby to take them to work to get them out of the house...he forgot.

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